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Ashes of Dreams You Let Die (The Dance) She's dancing in the churchyard again, In the moon's blue spotlight she Steps lightly upon notes only she can hear; A warm melody carried by the snow-filled breeze. Barefeet hardly mark the virgin snow. Diamonds Melt on exposed skin, Glittering tears on her cheeks, and she twirls Wrapped in wings of silk and lace; Waiting in her wedding dress. From the bell tower you watch, Lending your song to the passing wind - Notes written for only her - And the ring weighs heavy in your pocket, And a wilting flower hangs from your buttonhole; Your suit tattered and scraped now. But you go on watching as those Graceful steps consume her: The dance you never shared... ---------- Okay, so that was Ashes of Dreams You Let Die and it was inspired partially by Josh Groban's "So She Dances" but mostly by a PostSecret card I saw which read: "Every year on June 4th, I slow dance alone to the same song...while pretending to hold the baby I miscarried." (I'll try to find a picture of it asap!) I'm a huge fan of Josh Groban, and PostSecret. And if you don't know what PostSecret is google it NOW! because it is an education, an experience, and a life saver! You will be inspired, and touched, you'll laugh and cry, and I can't say enough good things about it! Josh Groban's music has a simliar effect on me! Aside from writing creatively, occassionally (mostly poetry, sometimes prose), I'm also a huge bookworm, and just below the list of "Music I love" is a list of "Books that changed my life." I can't reccomend HALF OF A YELLOW SUN, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie enough: like PostSecret and Josh's music, it's also full of emotional truth, something I hope leaks through into my own work through their influence. ---------- Learning To Breathe Eyes unfold like tulips, stretching to Embrace the mid-March sun. You'd have hated it anyway, Seeing splinters in the light, your fingers Grasping at the frayed edges of the globe, Trying to pull me closer as I climb 'Board another plane, another train, my tongue Dancing to a foreign rhythm; ogni respiro Viene trovato piĆ¹ facilmente quando i passi diventano Naturali* . But you'd have hated it anyway, Crashing symbols to drown out the nylon guitar Guiding me through this maze of canals and Frescoed walls. Across the water city lights Harmonize to each velvet strum; riflessi guidano la via verso l'alba**, while you Face West, still mourning yesterday's stars. * Translation of Italian: (these translations are not literal, but approximations - Thanks Emy!!) * ...each breath/ I find more easily as the steps become/Natural **... reflections/ leading the way into sunrise
Favorite Music:
Josh Groban Within Temptation Evanescence The Calling/Alex Band Yiruma (particuarly River Flows in You) Stacey Orrico Hans Zimmer (awesome soundtracks!!!) Josh Groban Muse - Supermassive Blackhole (because of the Baseball scene in Twilight!) Linkin Park 30 Seconds to Mars One Tree Hill OSTs Skins OSTs Backstreet Boys 3 Doors Down Josh Groban Beach Boys The Osmonds Cascada Daughtry Fallout Boy Joshua Radin Snow Patrol (particuarly Eyes Open album) Missy Higgins Mcfly Josh Groban Dixie Chicks Savage Garden Panic at the Disco and a whole bunch more, but i'm bored of listing them! Did i mention Josh Groban
Favorite Books:
Half of a Yellow Sun - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (This is an AMAZING book. It's an education hidden beneath the most beautiful and tragic emotional truth! Please read it!) Chinese Cinderella - Adeline Yen Mah The Twilight Series - Stephanie Meyer His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman Alex Garland - The Beach e - Matt Beaumont Noughts and Crosses - Malorie Blackman High Society - Ben Elton Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks the Postsecret series - Frank Warren On the Road - Jack Kerouac The Pilgrim's Progress - John Bunyan.

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